Research Grant Program

Short letters of intent are accepted on a rolling basis in the areas of cardiovascular health, weight management, healthy living and diabetes.The LOI must adhere to HAB’s research principles. Please visit with staff at upcoming events to learn more or submit your interest below.


What is the format for the letter of intent?

The LOI should be limited to 2 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font and should include: title, investigators, institution, very brief introduction, hypothesis for the proposed project, specific aims, summary of experimental approach, budget and timeline.

Can funds support faculty salaries?

Principal investigators can request salary support up to a maximum of 20% if justified.

Can funds for summer salaries or tuition for graduate students be included in the budget?

Principal investigators can request funds for summer salaries and for tuition remission for graduate students.

Are investigators from institutions outside the United States able to apply to the funding?

Yes – The ANC funds research both domestically and internationally.

Can capital purchases be included in the proposed budget?

In general, equipment (including computers) is not approved for funding by the ANC.

What is ANC’s policy on indirect costs?

Indirect costs of up to 10% of total direct costs will be permitted and should be included in the total proposal budget.

What are the budget and time limits associated with nutrition research funded by ANC?

There are no set budget and time limits associated with funded projects. The funding requested and the duration of the study should be consistent with the research to be conducted.

Want to find out more information or become involved in the program? Contact us.